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All pictures are of previous cars owned by: Jay's Auto Detailing
Here's the big question, can you trust Jay's Auto Detailing with your vehicle? Well first let me explain to you where my knowledge of cars and detailing has come from. Before detailing I was into car shows, I've won many around the Clearwater and Tampa area. I attended many car meets and gatherings. My car, a 2005 G35 which took me 2 years to completely build, was my dream car since I was young.
Over that 2 year period, I had many bad experiences with car shops and auto detailers. It was so bad that I eventually couldn't trust any shop with my car. I'm a very forgiving person, but it just seemed that no one could get it right, no matter how many chances I gave them. A good friend of mine, who I met at a car show, had the same issue, except he grew tired, opened his own shop, and did his own work. From him I learned how to detail a  car; Learned that it's about taking your time and doing it right the first time. Things that I had no idea about suddenly made sense. 
Now I'm not perfect, but you can expect and will always receive the best possible job that I can do. Another thing that I saw with other body shops and detailers was that they really didn't care about my car, all they cared about is how many cars they pushed out a day. To me, that is the quickest way to unhappy clients. To properly detail a car you need at least 3 hours, and that depends on its condition. Most detailers in my area are through in less than an hour.
When getting my car detailed, I hated having to leave my car with someone else. 
Since I know this feeling, I would never intentionally make anyone else feel that way. So can you trust us? My answer is yes, because when your car is detailed by Jay's, your car is treated like one of my own. I hope you enjoy the pictures of my car. I no longer have it; A couple of months before my son was born, I sold it (needed one more child friendly) and started my business.
All pictures are of previous cars owned by:Jay's Auto Detailing